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Patchwork in Perspective -Part 2

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Patchwork in Perspective -Part 2

SMALL CLOTH: Puzzle Pieces and Loose Patches
Hosted July 1- October 31 2019, now open for work on your own access.
Price reduced because so much time has passed.

Part 2 of my final online series. Which was interrupted by a relocation.
Part 1 -Thought Catching, is no longer available, content will be included in the final part of the series to be released In February 2022.
This part of the series focuses on hand piecing, Spirit Cloth Style, and also creating less structured loose stitched patches , both part of a component system that might encourage story and the creation and building of a larger cloth.
Hosted online on private pages, password issued with sign up.
Audio, Video, text and PDF

Purchase of this segment of Patchwork in Perspective comes with a $40 discount for Part 4 Everything in Perspective.

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