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Faded Night Blooms #7

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Image of Faded Night Blooms #7
  • Image of Faded Night Blooms #7
  • Image of Faded Night Blooms #7

I had an old favorite pillowcase of really expensive cotton that had been indigo-dyed awhile back. But it was wearing out, so I cut it up impulsively, and started to over-dye the pieces. I guess I got carried away, because some of the patches were dyed seven or eight different times. And in my enthusiasm, I’d forgotten that I was using silk dye on cotton. Oops.

When I washed them out I found they’d faded quite a bit.

But that’s alright, because all those colors are still in there, lurking, like the subtle check pattern in the weave of the fabric itself that appears and disappears according to the angle of the light. The fabric is old and worn, and so it’s rather fragile. But so soft. And so full of all those dreams from all those years of sleeps. They are in there, just like the colors.

Three patches of vintage cotton.
Snipped about 4" square, maybe larger, maybe smaller.
Indigo dipped. Then dyed repeatedly.